Big NC Youth Tennis

At Big NC Tennis we offer a unique tennis program designed around getting kids playing tennis as quickly as possible.

With our 3 level system beginner tennis players will be put in groups during clinic hours to focus on their specific needs.

Level 1 – Red : This is a true beginner to tennis, we will focus on hand eye coordination, contact points, with an emphasis on forehands and backhands.

Level 2 – Blue : For kids who can hit the ball, but still can’t rally without help. We begin working on short court rally, volleys, and technique.

Level 3 – White : This is for students who can rally, and are beginning to learn serves. They are able to play matches with some assistance. At white band students will have the opportunity to progress to our Pre-Academy Level.

If you student has some experience with tennis but you don’t know what level they should be in, please reach out for a free trial to place them in the appropriate class.

Select from the options below to find the right class for your students

A group of kids playing tennis on a court.

Big NC Tennis youth camps are happening this summer at Action Park! To find out more click on the link below!

A boy is playing tennis on the court
A man swinging at a tennis ball with his racket.
A young boy holding a tennis racket on the court
A boy is playing tennis on the court