Tennis Ladder Updates

Laddies Singles

Top 5 Players

  1. Katherine Fehervari
  2. Patricia Batuna
  3. Megan Jaynes
  4. Paula Laine
  5. Katie Hungarter

Junior Singles

Top 5 Players

  1.  Kenny Cunningham
  2.  Tyrus Horton
  3.  Edan Hoefler
  4.  Noah Vivan
  5.  Colton Mendler

Quad Ranking

  1. Karen J.
  2. Jeanine
  3. Joanne K.
  4. Kim L
  5. Lisa B.
  6. Audrey H
  7. Tracy L.
  8. Heather I.
  9. Robin F.
  10. Jenifer K.
  11. Katrina K.
  12. Stephanie H.
  13. Ronni R.
  14. Glynda W.
  15. Jodi

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*Note that rankings will be updated weekly every Sunday, current ladder goes until March 14th*

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