Upcoming Tournaments

Junior Circuits Qualifiers 

Junior Circuits will consist of 3 seasons within the calendar year. Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall) will consist of qualifying tournaments leading up to an end-of-season District Championship.

To conclude all 3 seasons, there will be a Universal Tennis Junior Circuits State Championship in November, held at various locations based on UTR levels.

Players must compete in 2 qualifiers within the season to be eligible for the end-of-season District Championships. For the Universal Tennis Junior Circuits State Championship in November, players must have competed in 5 events (qualifiers and/or regionals) over the course of the 3 seasons.

*October UTR ratings will be used for the December Junior Circuits State Championships.

Bentwinds Pickleball Tournament

  • Trophy and Gift Card For Winners
  • Bentwinds Country Club
  • Sunday February 19th

Details and Registration Here

Spring Clean Open Tournament


  • $300 Gift Card for Winners
  • Bentwinds Country Club
  • April 14th – 16th

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Summer Frenzy Tournament

  • $200 Gift Card For Winner of Singles Division
  • $100 for Winner of Doubles
  • Bentwinds Country Club
  • June 24th – 25th

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